100% Handmade


All products are made by my own two hands. I knit, crochet, macramé, and am currently learning the process of weaving on and off the loom. The fiber arts have become my absolute favorite outlet for creativity and self-expression.


The Now

 BlackSheepMade is no longer helping only me. Over the last year and half, both my Abuelita and Lola (grandmothers) have been battling cancer. Last Winter, I accompanied my Abuelita to her chemo appointment. She showed me this basket where people can leave yarn in hopes of someone turning it into a beanie for the patients. I found the basket empty. So for the holidays, I filled it up with extra beanies I had for any patients that needed help keeping warm. To keep it going, for every purchase with BlackSheepMade, another beanie will be made for the basket!

The Beginning

My name is Alyssarhaye. I originally started BlackSheepMade as a way of funding my study abroad dreams while attending UC Riverside. Within my first few months of opening, I was able to knit my way to Costa Rica for a conservation internship. There I was a part of LAST (Latin American Sea Turtle conservation program) where we worked with the locals of Pacuare and ex-poachers to save sea turtles. Now, more than two years after opening, BlackSheepMade has grown larger than I had imagined or even planned. I hope for this growth to continue and fund future dreams.